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The famous and mysterious Nasca lines, are found in the pampas of Jumana, formed by the pampas of Nasca, Palpa, Ingenio, and Socos in the desert of Nasca between the provinces of Nasca and Palpa in Peru. It is a reddish and blackish land that turns violet at night. In this zone the surface has a light dark layer over a clear subsoil and that is why we can get a easy visual contrast. They were draw by the nasca culture and are formed by many figures, from simple designs like lines to complex anthropomorphous figures (human appearance), zoomorphic (animals), phytomorphic (vegetables) and geometrics that appear in the surface of this arid desert. The amazing thing of this lines is that they can just be observed totally from the air flying over the desert that has pop up many questions about the intentions and skills of the builders. The depth of the lines never pass 30cm and some are simple scratches in the surface, even though they can be recognized with there is not much sun and the relief is accentuated. In 1970 the INC declared Nasca as a protected zone in order to avoid the deterioration of the lines. The UNESCO declared the Nasca Lines as Human Patrimony in 1994. Recently the Foundation MarĂ­a Reiche has designed a map of the Nasca lines from pictures taking by the satellite Ikonos. This set of gigantic designs, covers an extension of 500 km2. In order to see all the magnitude of this famous lines, it is necessary to take a flight offered for some companies of aerial transport.

What is included?

  • Pick from your hotel in Lima
  • Tourist Transportation
  • Flight over the Nazca Lines from Pisco 1h 30min
  • Local certified bilingual guides.

Price in US Dollars

  • $35.00 (Per Person in regular service)
  • $59.00 (Per person in private service

Points to Consider:

  • Prices based on 2 person
  • Departures 06:30
  • Duration 3 1/2 hours
  • Hotels in the districts of Miraflores, San Isidro and Lima Center are considered as pick-up point center to start of a transfer or city tour, see the pickup in other districts.
  • Personal information is required to make the reservation.
  • The reservation will be made when the payment is done.
  • The tour can be done in English or Spanish.
  • For each service purchased you will receive an electronic receipt which can be printed and should be presented at the beginning of the tour.
  • We will send you all the details tour, including the names of people who will assist you, the telephones and the address of the office service providers.
  • Thanks to our experience in the tourism industry you can be assured that you will receive an excellent quality service and not worry about any point in organizing the tour, especially we look after your safety and your companions to enjoy with confidence for all the beauty, mystery and grandeur of our culture that we offer it to your satisfaction.

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